Packaging design trends



During Christmas we spend a lot of time with our loved ones, we organize celebrations and give gifts. In today's busy times, many people want to avoid additional work and therefore often choose a ready-to-use gift that looks good and will not spend time wrapping. Here are some examples where you don't need to use wrapping paper or a gift box.


1. Whittard of Chelsea

Whittard is definitely a classic among Christmas limited editions. It brings a beautiful gift collection every year. Their packaging are outstanding by striking Christmas patterns, metallic reflections and brings a pleasant unpacking experience.


2. Christmas Tea

Christmas Tea is a tea that connects. The tea bags are joined together to give you a cup in pairs.





3. Choral Club

Pure white lines excel nicely on a dark background.




4. Terroir chocolate

Beautiful shapes and pleasant colors used in the Christmas illustration



5. Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

Clean and minimalist work. Very elegant design.


6. Kiva

Strong red stands out on kraft paper. Combining with white multiplies the Christmas effect.


7. Tous les Jours

An illustration that perfectly captures the magic of Christmas.



8. Kalev

The delicate pattern stands out nicely with the distinctive colors and metallic reflections that are inherent to Christmas.


9. Christmas packing

Interesting design of packaging for confectionery. The unpacking experience is sure to be pleasant.





10. Wondershop

And best of all. This idea really succeeded. White marshmallows like Sant's beard or snowman :)


Author: Lubka